Hello! This a question I have on the answer to your answer on a previous question. I thought I read on the website that you can still apply for the Hesburgh Yusko program even if you are applying regular action?

You’re right! The website does say that! Good job! You win the game of “catching the interns errors.” I am pretty sure that this is a recently change, as many current students who I asked about merit aid all mentioned that it required early action. Anyway, this a great time to remind you all that this a blog run by student interns. We aren’t admissions counselors, financial aid officers, or scholarship committee members. While we do our best to find answers to as many questions as possible, we are definitely much better qualified to answer questions about student life than details of the admissions process. Thanks for finding our error! Come back soon!

Throwback Thursday!

Did you know that the current LaFortune Student Center used to be the Science Hall before it was converted in 1953! 

Where to Study… On a Gorgeous Day

As we move into fall, the opportunities to study outside become fewer and fewer. In order to make the most of the remaining warm days, studying outside is a perfect idea.

1- Snite Art Museum Courtyard

Notre Dame’s on campus art museum is filled with wonderful works of art, but it’s best kept secret is it’s gorgeous court yard. With interesting sculptures, well kept gardens, and lots of spaces to sit and study- this is my all time favorite place to study.

2- Between Carol Sander Hall and Bronson Hall

Between the ACE building and the Nanovic building, is an adorable courtyard. With a nice patio and beautiful surrounding architecture, this is a lovely place to study, especially on a sunny day!

3- By the Jesus the Teacher Statue

Nearby DeBartolo Hall and Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering, is this beautiful garden area. This area is beautiful and there are lots of places to sit. It is a great place to eat, study, and talk to friends.

Notre Dame student also love to study by lying on a blanket on the quad. On a warm day, you’ll find studying all over South and North quads. However, the only place to avoid studying outside is on God Quad (where the Main Building is). Rumor says if you walk on the grass there, you won’t graduate! 

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A general stereotype of ND graduates lean toward an über religious and football obsessed graduate that only wants to talk about attending ND (not that this is a bad thing). Anyway I want to have great opportunities that aren't weighed down by religious precedent or values (not saying that religion restricts world views) or by a seemingly homogeneous student body but can I still get that with such a conservative setting at ND/ is this even a legitimate assumption to make?

f our childhoods (aka watching High School Musical) taught us anything, it is to always question stereotypes - which is true of Notre Dame. While you will find many students who care about faith and/or football, you’ll find people who think in all sorts of ways. A good place to look to get an idea of the diversity among students is the student groups on campus. You’ll see that we have both conservative and progressive groups on campus, as well as groups for multicultural, LGBT, environmental, and international peace issues (just to name a few). Notre Dame students think in all different ways and come from a blend of different backgrounds to create interesting discussions and opportunities. Thanks for your question!

I know some colleges only consider applicants for merit aid if they apply by the early action deadline; is that the case for Notre Dame?

There are merit aid programs offered that aren’t contingent on Early Action application. For more information in detail on this, get in touch with the Office of Financial Aid.

PS- To answer your question, I sent messages to everyone I know who got merit aid till I found someone who applied regular action. So you should be super impressed by my dedicated research for you! :)

PSS- We previous made a mistake in this answer, you can apply Early or Regular action to Hesburg Yusko.

I'm not sure if you guys would know the answer to this, but I figured I would ask just in case! I am very interested in Notre Dame and have spent a little bit of time going over stats of current students. I saw one figure that said 75% of students were varsity athletes in high school. Does this mean if I don't play a sport my chances of being admitted are lower? I'm more involved in the music/volunteer aspects of my school. Thank you :)

I was in your exactly same position when applying! I didn’t play a sport, but spent tons of time doing performing arts and service. Admissions looks to build a class of diverse interests- if they only accepted varsity athletes how would we find people to fill Notre Dame’s many awesome choirs, orchestras, plays, and dance companies? :) Don’t worry and keep doing the things that make you happy!

It’s Question Tuesday!

We’ll be answering your questions all day today, so start them coming!

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ND Cribs: Eclectic and Personal

This week’s dorm comes from Kyle, a junior Poli-Sci major living in Morrissey Manor. Morrissey was built in 1925, but Kyle has worked to use the space he inhabits to tell his own story.




Kyle says, “I wanted to bring my three different homes into one space. Born in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, I have hanging decorations from Mai Chau, a blanket and pillows from Sapa, and an oil canvas of a Ha Noi street corner. My hometown of Springdale, Arkansas is ten minutes from the Univ of Arkansas, so I brought my razorback flag hanging next to the couch. Lastly, my Home Under the Dome is represented by the framed ND magazine cover and my custom-painted Vans shoes. I built the shelving this summer (the extent of my carpenter skills), and it holds all the food for those late night study sessions. The bookcase was my grandmother’s that she took to college and then passed on to me. The poster beyond my desk has 68 iconic movie quotes. My friends and I get together, pick a random quote we don’t know, and watch that movie.”

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Throwback Thursday!

In spirit of the Notre Dame vs. Syracuse game coming up on Saturday, here is a picture of the Notre Dame band in 1956 performing at halftime at a home Notre Dame game. The Band spells out the traditional ND.