Hi, do you know how I could get one of nice dome view rooms in the library? They all seem to be locked. Thanks!

I’m sorry friend. I have bad news for you! Unfortunately, those small library rooms are for graduate students, hence you need a key to unlock them. However, with dedication, you can stake out one of the window seats in library! Good luck!

What is your favorite spot on campus? And, no bias, which dining hall has the better food?

South Dining hall is always #1 in my heart. South always lots of options, delicious food, and an amazing atmosphere. Plus, it’s Hogwarts! North isn’t all terrible- they have make-your-own pizza and baked pasta every day, which is great when you want to change things up and get creative.

As for my favorite spot, the Snite Museum of Art courtyard has my (Megan) heart forever. It’s quiet, relatively unknown, and SO beautiful! Check out my post on study spaces to find out more.

Thanks for the questions!

ND Cribs: Basically the Coolest Room on Campus

Luis from Keough Hall has the room that everyone talks about. Several times this year, people have come up to me saying “Have you heard about that awesome room in Keough?” With hardwood floors, a fireplace, and a revolving bookshelf door, this room might be coolest on campus!





"I built the furniture over the summer and brought it in by sections. It spans from wall to wall and has integrated led lights all over, surround sound, Bluetooth music system plus a vinyl record player," says Luis about his room. So what do you think? Is this the coolest ND crib on campus?

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Throwback Thursday!

Badin Hall used to have stairs leading up to the porch in the 1920’s! Can we bring those back?! 

Where to Study… When You Are Hungry

Studying and snacks go together like two peas in a pod. Luckily, if you like to snack while you study, ND has places for you!


Located in O’Shaughnessy Hall (the Arts and Letters building which usually goes by the nickname O’Shag) is an adorable 50’s style cafe. They offer breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and a variety of other pastries and snacks. Their cozy booths are the perfect place to enjoy a novel or edit your paper.

The Library

If you choose to study in the Hesburg Library, you have the added benefit of having the wonderful Au Bon Pain cafe to get a snack at. They have healthy snack packs with fresh fruit, crackers and cheese, and hummus. They also have handcrafted sandwiches, hot soup, and fresh salads. It’s the perfect place to grab some food before a long afternoon in the library.

The Dining Halls

If you are really hungry, the dining hall makes a perfect study place. That way you can work and graze as you please. My favorite combination for an early morning study session is an egg white omelette (made to order every morning till 9:30), some hot coffee, and whatever reading I am trying to finish before class. It is a great way to fuel your brain and body.

Where would you pick to study and snack?

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How many military veterans does Notre Dame typically accept annually?

Thanks for your service to our country and for being interested in ND! You can visit the veterans affairs page of the website for more information about programs we have for veterans and people to contact for more info.

Hi, did you create your own theme or get it from somewhere else? Can I get the code for the theme somewhere?

Sorry for answering this question a few months later, I was trying to get all the information right. We actually bought this theme. We used the lovely services of Halcyon! Thanks for asking!

I'm currently a sophomore in HS and I've grown up loving Notre Dame my entire life. The acceptance rate at my school is so bad, but I don't wanna be a statistic in my school. I take honors classes and after my 1st year in high school, I have a 4.3 GPA. What can I do to make Notre Dame want to accept me in a year or two?

Keep up the good work! Just remember that ND is looking for the full package. Looks like you have great academic talent, but make sure your extracurricular activities and essays will show through too.

How do I show admissions officers that ND is my number one choice?

Admissions officers are important in the application process in that you want to get face time with them. Attend any sort of ND events put on by admissions in your area. Make sure you follow up with your regional officer via email and acknowledge them if you meet them consistently. And if you really want them to know ND is your number one choice, then just tell them!