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During the online admissions webinar it was said that 8% of the applicant pool are children of alums and that children of alums make up 25% of the incoming class so I did some math and that means almost every applicant that is a legacy is accepted. I go to a decently sized top public HS in which 3 people are applying to ND including myself. I am not a legacy where as the other 2 applicants are, will this greatly lower my chances of acceptance?

NO WORRIES! Admissions looks at you yourself and doesn’t compare you against other students at your school. They don’t use quotas from schools or areas either. Just work hard and be the best you YOU can be! :)

If I apply to Arts and Letters as an incoming freshman can I declare a double major in Mendoza?

If you apply as a prospective Arts and Letters major, you might have an opportunity to apply to Mendoza at the end if your first year if you aren’t “pre-approved” for Mendoza already. You can read more about this or e-mail your admissions counselor for more information! 

What is student life like on campus? Is it inconvenient not to have a car?

Student life is super fun! You can read more about it on our student blog and look for more information about it on this tumblr. You can also check out the student life page on the admissions website or even come visit. You don’t need a car for fun either. Basically everything you need- from a pharmancy to a mini-mart to a movie theater are on campus. If you do need to hit up the mall, there is a free bus to take. I don’t have a car and I get by fine!

If I indicate that I'm interested in the Mendoza College of Business on my application, will it be more difficult for me to get accepted? Are there lower acceptance rates for certain colleges at Notre Dame?

Great question, but unfortunately I’m not a good person to answer it. All questions on our tumblr are answered by super awesome student interns, who are too busy being Notre Dame students to know about the details of what goes on in the world of admissions decisions. However, your admissions counselor would be a great person to start with or e-mailing admission@nd.edu.

Is there anywhere we can watch the webinar if we missed it?

Yeah! For sure! You can visit this page of the admissions site to see archives of former webinars and find out more information about future ones. Woop! 

Hi I am a high school senior, I justed watched the webinar event and they said we could ask questions here. Do you know if Notre Dame's application is the Common Application and how does the common application work? Thanks!!

Yes! You’re right! Notre Dame does use the Common Application! Basically you fill out one application to send to all the colleges you want to apply for (providing they also use the common app). Some college, like ND, might have some additional essays they want to do as well, but the application will tell you how to do those. No fear! You can also use the Common App help center if you questions about their application.

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Don’t forget if you have questions about admissions, academics, student life, or anything else you might wonder about ND- our ask box is always open! 

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Best Places to Study: When You Need a Little Inspiration

1- The ACE Building- This wonderful space used to be the chapel of a convent but was reinvented in to this study space for students. With a crackling fire, couches, tables, chairs, and smiling wall posters of children it a cozy and comforting place to study. (Secret Hint- there is another study space located in the choir loft of the chapel).

2- Bond Hall: For a beautiful and luxurious place to study, check out the library in Bond Hall. It’s huge while columns, chandeliers, and red furnishings make you feel as if you are studying in the library of someone’s manor. It is the perfect place to get inspired to write your paper on 20th Century Literature or finish your philosophy reading.

3- The Law Arch: Surrounding yourself with the conversations of the nations top future lawyers and with a breathtaking view of DeBart Quad are guaranteed ways to feel inspired to finish those assignments. It also has a little cafe so you can grab some study snacks as you go. It does get a little noisy in the law arch, so if you need someplace quieter head to the Kresge Law Library just down the hallway.

 Where would you want to study? Where do you find inspiration?

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